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Dorothy wordsworth's journal at alfoxden essays The journal written at Alfoxden in 1798 follows the life of Dorothy Wordsworth from January 20 to May 22, 1798. Like her brother, Dorothy writes about nature and its influence on us. When we think of a journal, we think of the events that happen in our daily lives, such as going to the mall or meeting a new person. However, Dorothy Wordsworth often starts each journal with Employment Search Begins for Local Census Office day’s weather and follows it with the nature she sees around her. William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge are often mentioned in this journal, and with this her relationship with her brother proves to be extremely close. “To My Sister,” by William, also confirms their connection. Dorothy has somewhat of an obsession of her brother’s whereabouts. For example, her journal entry for April 26th lets us know that he ‘No lasting backlash from new tourism tax’ to have his picture taken. It seems as if he is part of every part of her life, whether it is walking in the woods, gathering sticks, dining, or drinking tea. In fact, an article written by Brenda Maddox suggests that she “was either a lesbian or in an incestuous relationship” (Maddox 54). Another interesting part of this journal is the way she describes the weather. Some days she is very profound in her descriptions, and at other times she merely states that the evening was pleasant or the evening was stormy. One of the most interesting journal entries was that of March 18th. Dorothy briefly describes a hail-shower, but she writes that “William wrote a description of the storm.” It is fascinating (or at least I find it is) that William’s essay writing Theresa May and Boris Johnsons Bewildering Brexit Bash “A Whirl-blast from Behind the Hill” was written about this same storm in which Dorothy was writing. Yet another engaging part of the journal is that we don’t really know what happened in her life besides how the nature affected her. Because this is the Romantic Period, nature is the main focus, yet the reader probably wonders what other activities went on in her lif.

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