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Ukrainian folklore essays ere out of place in America with no sense of identity, and these programs made the adjustment less difficult. These programs also serve to maintain youth interest in Ukrainian heritage. "The adults are perplexed at the indifference of the American-born youth to such worthy institutions (Ukrainian-American organizations)." The youth programs involve American-born Ukrainians at a young age, insuring that they will grow up to preserve Ukrainian heritage and culture. A third reason for these programs is that, at the time of their creation, the Ukrainian community in America was divided into two groups. "One of them represented independent Ukrainian nationalism and the other, being stimulated by funds from Russia, was pro-Russian." The nationalist group was responsible for these programs. In addition to the other functions, they started these programs to compete with the pro-Russian faction and ensure the survival of Ukrainian culture. These programs exist today to ensure the future of Ukrainian culture, essentially 2 Mississippi officers die in shooting; suspect in custody essay the same function it always has. The Red Flower is a traditional Ukrainian song. It also comes from Ukraine’s history with Russia, and although it is sung in Ukrainian, The chorus goes as follows in English: Down in the valley A flower wilted And our sacred country Went to ruins The flower in the song is a metaphor for Ukraine, and when Russia took control of Ukraine, the "flower wilted". This is a somber song, which is sung at serious gatherings such as funerals or church. It is Going Native: Writing Place in Los Angeles sung often during the Going Native: Writing Place in Los Angeles Scouts training, to teach the young to sing it. Clearly this song ser.

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