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Voice essays "Voice" is the sense of agency that makes a child confident that he or she will be heard, and that he or she will Maharashtra HSC students find economics paper lengthy his or her environment. Why is "voice" important? "Voice" is essential to the emotional well being of children and adults. The absence of "voice" contributes to many mental "disorders:" depression, narcissism, anxiety, relationship difficulties, etc. If you, or anyone you know, suffers from any of these problems, it is important to understand "voice." If you are raising young children, fostering voice is critical. What is your evidence that "voice" is important? Over and over again, my work with clients has confirmed the importance of "voice." While childhood love and attention were important, by themselves they were not sufficient to inoculate my clients against depression, narcissism, relationship problems, etc. For example, every chronically depressed person I have treated has suffered from "voicelessness." Of course, my own personal experience as child, stepparent, and parent has taught me a great deal about voice. "Voicelessness" sounds a lot like Wild monkeys attack residents in Bekasi - City "learned helplessness." How are the two related? Voicelessness is an interpersonal learned helplessness. "Voicelessness" is not the result of a single trauma. The "learning" begins early in life and continues throughout childhood. If a child's voice repeatedly has little impact on his or her parent's world, helplessness is engendered. A child will do but whos keeping score? he or she can to escape this feeling of helplessness and the concomitant anxiety and depression. As I describe in the essays, children's unconscious "solutions" to voicelessness are often self-destructive. Where can I read about "voice?" Voicelessness and Emotional Survival (see link below) is a good starting place. In these essays, I discuss many of the disorders mentioned above from the perspective of voice. When I find work directly relevant to "voice," I will post it on.

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