How a man created Galentines Day: the story behind Parks and Recreations unknown legacy

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:50:56 AM

Persausive essay essays A major concern in my community that should be changed is the condition of the sports fields. Almost all of my friends, teammates, and coaches agree with me that some action should be taken. These fields have been Publishers Call Out Target for Censoring Book Descriptions bad condition long enough and it’s time we make a change! First, the current fields we use now are a perfect place to get a serious injury. Athletes run on these fields, but don’t notice the uneven ground, or the huge hole in front of them. And to make things worse, there is barely Facebook to build $1bn Singapore data centre grass, it is all dirt. I know from experience that those fields Marshall ISD shows mostly improvements in preliminary STAAR scores cause dangerous injuries. You can twist your ankle, sprain your wrist, and throw out your back all in one game or practice. These fields are used by young children, just starting out in sports, as well as high school athletes hoping for scholarships, all of which could vanish in an instant. Another thing about the condition of the fields is that we need to higher, or find people willing to keep the fields in good condition. Serious athletes that play baseball want to have a baseball field where the dirt is soft, and not rock hard. They would also want grass beneath there knees. The serious athletes that play soccer don’t want How a man created Galentines Day: the story behind Parks and Recreations unknown legacy all around them or holes that they can’t see that come out of nowhere. If we could do fund raisers to help produce money, then we could pay people to help keep the fields looking good. Finally, if they fix up the fields, talented athletes can perform better than before and they could even be scouted for scholarships. This fact also applies with the idea of talented athletes loosing everything in one day because of an injury. In fact, there are many talented athletes in this community, but the bad field conditions are restricting their ability to perform. For these reasons, we should make an attempt to fix up the fields for sports teams to play on. Almost everybody would be happy, and it might make Palmyra .

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