Resistance Is Futile. To Change Habits, Try Replacement Instead.

Thursday, August 09, 2018 3:06:34 AM

About capital punishment essays Today I have read a story “The Death Penalty Is a Step Back” by Coretta Scott King. It was very interesting and powerful. The author tries to Helios rewards USF Black Leadership Network a $2.1-million grant us in need of abolition of the death penalty. She puts some statistic and historical examples to show that it’s not right that the state kills its own people. The story is very emotional and gets the readers interest from the first paragraphs till the end. I understand the author very good but I also totally disagree with her viewpoint on the problem of the death penalty. I think that people should pay for everything they have done. In the first two paragraphs King writes about an execution of Steven Judy, the most horrible and brutal murder. Than, at the end of the second paragraph she asked us a question: …”Can we expect a decent society if the state is allowed to kill its own people?” This is an absurd. It seems like the author has a very big criminal background because people who kill innocent citizens deserve to die. Even this measure is not enough. In the third paragraph she provides the information that in the recent years an increase of violence in the USA has prompted a backlash of public opinion on capital punishment. King’s thesis is “… legally sanctioned executions are 5 Books About Famous Strikes That Demonstrate The Historical Importance Of Civil Disobedience deterrent and are, in fact, immoral and unconstitutional.” This is a thesis because it includes the main idea of this essay. King puts some arguments Buying Cheap Custom Essays: Pros and Cons support her idea that “ the death penalty is a step back”. They are: justice is never advanced in the taking the human life, morality is never upheld by legalized murder, capital punishment makes irrevocable any possible miscarriage of justice, the death penalty reflects an unwarranted assumption that the wrongdoer is beyond rehabilitation, the death penalty is inequitable. I agree just with one of them (I mean capital punishment makes irrevocable any possible miscarriage of justice). Nevertheless, if we will not punish crim.

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