The No Plan Business Plan For Entrepreneurs

Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:53:45 AM

Eurodisneyland essay examples Most important takeaway each Top 25 team was selected as the location for EuroDisneybecause of Friensh proposal, included spending $53 million to improve highway access to the proposed site and perhaps speeding up a $75 million subway project. Also, explanations for location choice included Marne-la-Vallee’s close proximity to one of the world’s tourism capitals (it is 20 miles from Paris), and approximately 300 million people throughout France, Belgium, England, and Germany were within a day’s drive or high-speed train ride. Good transportation was another advantage mentioned; one of the train/RER lines of the Paris Metro subway ran to Torcy, located in the center of Marne-la-Valle. In addition, the French government promised to extend this line to the actual site of the park. The park would be close to A-4, a modern highway that runs from Paris to the German border, as well as to a freeway that runs to Charles de Gaulle airport. Finally, the chunnel between France and England was expected to be completed near the time of EuroDisney’s opening. 2.The deal of the century, as many called EuroDisney, came under protests from all sides. Communists and intellectuals protested heavily. Ariane Mnouchkine, a theatre director, described it as a “cultural Chernobyl.” “I wish with all my heart that the rebels would set fire to Disneyland,” thundered one intellectual in the French newspaper Le Figaro. “Mickey Mouse,” sniffed another, “is stifling individual-ism and transforming children into consumers.” Other criticisms of the park cited the project as an-other attack on France’s cultural landscape, already under siege from American movies and music. The theme park was damned as an example of American neoprovincialism. Never ones to suppress their emotions, the farmers of the Marne-la- Vallee region staffed protests of their own. Incited .

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