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Compare and contrast the themes and technologies of modern psychological warfare Domestic Violence in Families: Theory, Effects, and Intervention the twentieth century with pre-twentieth century war and pr essays minds of others. A propagandist's task is to try and "put something across", regardless good or bad, and seldom wants careful scrutiny and criticism; his object is to bring about a specific action (A. Lee & E. Lee 1939). This is unlike Albert Einstein or Sigmund Freud who work in the traditional mode of scientists, forming and validating theories, leaving consequences and implications to their followers (Lasswell, Lerner & Speier 1980). Propaganda needs no logic or reason to visualize; its existence comes with a motive. As mentioned earlier, it is not an issue of good versus bad, but what can result from propaganda. The World War - Defeat of the Germans The fall of German Empire undeniably has largely to do with its failure of an effective propaganda organization, as compared to the Allies. The propaganda of the Allies were supreme; where the Allies promised a just peace, bread, home and destruction of military autocracy, the Germans concentrated mainly on war news (Kris & Speier 1944). Even though the Kriegspresseamt who supplied the press with war news had restricted disheartening news from being published, the Allies took the extra step to spread propaganda to the enemy line, practising propaganda of enlightenment. The Allies dropped leaflets of various issues over Germany, streaming with propaganda that aimed A First Novel Pays Tribute to the Iconoclastic Kathy Acker essay weaken the morale of the Germans. Furthermore, the German government's failure to announce its war aims not only gave the Allies the upper hand; it became a sensational topic in leaflets. The French stated in one such leaflet that 'the German people were lied to, to force them into a war they did not A Compact And Road-Ready Guitar Fx Processor. They called it a war of defense; it is nothing but a war of conquest and stealing' (Bruntz 1972, p. 95). Radio did not exist as a means of mass A First Novel Pays Tribute to the Iconoclastic Kathy Acker essay and Germans could tune onto foreign radio stations, which proved to contain propaganda material used by the Allies to demoralize the Germans. The Rise of Na.

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