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Occupational therapy essays The career that I chose using the SIGI project was Occupational Essay on Mets Notes: GM Search. An Occupational Therapist is not the same as a Physical Therapist. A Physical Therapist uses exercises and things like heat and electrical stimulation of muscles to help someone overcome and injury. An Occupational Therapist primary job is to help people who are temporarily or sometimes permanently impaired recover from their injury or problem and make a full recovery or recover Callaway to the point where the patient can take care of themselves. Illnesses can range anywhere from injury, developmental disabilities, mental illness, learning disabilities, emotional or social problems. To become and Occupational Therapist you must attend a college that has that as a major. Once you find a college that has that as a major you will need to get a bachelora€™s degree. Also it would benefit if you study social and behavioral sciences, science and math, health, Cespedes arts and humanities. There are three ways Callaway you can achieve a bachelora€™s degree. One is to enter the occupational therapy program at your college, and then you would be able to receive your bachelora€™s in Occupational Therapy. Another way is to get a bachelora€™s degree in another field and you would also have to have a certificate program in occupational therapy. The third way is to get a bachelora€™s degree in another field plus you would have to get and entry level mastera€™s degree in occupational therapy. One of the reasons I chose this as my career I wanted to research was because it has such a good occupational outlook for the future. This is because all the people who were born during the baby boom after World War 2 are most likely going to need occupational therapy. This means there will be an Natalie Portman: Its dangerous when you cant separate the emotion from the business need for senior citizens needing nursing home care. Also there has been a lot of headway made in the medical field which in result ha.

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