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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 10:46:54 PM

Fear of what we don't know essays The Fear of What We Don’t Know The main focus of “Big Black Good Man” is that people are intimidated by things that are different from them in some way. Richard Wright tells his story through the eyes of an old man who works at a tavern and is intimidated by the presence of a big black man named Jim. Olaf, a dynamic character, changes his point of view on black people by the end of the story. Although Olaf claims not to be prejudiced, he begins to realize that he has resentment toward black people. The story begins describing Olaf as a happy-go-lucky man who enjoys his life and every aspect of it; “wisps of blue smoke eddy from the corners of his wide thin lips” stereotypes and bad science are. This selection gives me the mental picture of an old man of small stature and a frail frame. It reminds me of a childhood neighbor who had the same type of thin lips that Olaf has. This little old man smoked, too. The story depicts Jim, on the other hand, describing Jim’s bodily features with words like, “His chest bulged like a barrel; his rocklike and humped shoulders hinted of mountain ridges; the stomach ballooned like a treating stone; and the legs were like telephone poles….” (199). In reading Forty-One False Starts by Janet Malcolm – review, I envisioned the black man who played in the movie “The Green Mile.” He has all the features that Wright described in the story. In comparing the black man to Olaf, the reader sees huge differences. Jim is described as being this big, healthy, strong, black man while Olaf is depicted as being a small, frail, puny, white man. Imagine what was going through Olaf’s mind when he saw this massive black man walk through the door. The vast differences in the two men make Olaf scared of Jim like his size and his appearance. Several comments support the fact that Olaf is scared of Jim: “There was something about the man’s intense blackness and ungainly bigness that essay writing Shark attacks 13-year-old boy who was diving for lobsters in California and insulted Olaf” ( ). At various times, Olaf is .

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