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Wuthering heights essays ion of life at first sight altogether more agreeable and more human, yet sometimes shows signs of decadence (Traversi 130). The values of Thrushcross Grange are social, political, and personal, compatible with the emerging England of the time period (Bloom 49). The weather seems somewhat less severe here (Barth 7315). Aside from the obvious contrasts between the two houses, according to Harold Bloom the juxtaposition of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange is inescapable, but it is not simple (49). It has been long recognized that the two houses represent the fundamental polarities in the novel (Dawson 1). Wuthering Heights is surrounded by wild, windy moors while Thrushcross Grange is bordered by neat, orderly parks essay topics Former Patriot Danny Amendola returns 1). The Heights houses a sort of rough freedom which contrasts with the Grange's dignified calmness (Wasowski 26). Wuthering Heights is associated with childhood and is seen as the place of the soul, whereas Thrushcross Grange is likened to adult compulsions and the place of the body (Bloom 49). Wuthering Heigh.

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