Francois throws 4 TDs, helps Noles steal 28-24 win at Louisville essay

Saturday, August 11, 2018 8:59:50 PM

Oedipus the architect essays Oedipus The Architect ?For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.? Newton?s first law. In other words, there are consequences, be they good or bad, for everything we do. A person?s character, defined by the qualities they display, is what guides their actions. If Oedipus? character is responsible for his actions and the consequences of his actions represent his tragedy, then his character, or character flaws are responsible for the tragedy. The dominant flaws in Oedipus? character are his superstitious nature, his short temper and impulsiveness, and his stubbornness. Oedipus? tragic fall is not written in the stars but is brought about consequentially, by the flaws that shine through when his character is put to the test. Normally superstitions are innocent, even healthy. However, when they influence important decisions or precipitate unnecessary actions, the pretense of innocence grows thin and the repercussions of those actions reveal them for what they, under most circumstances, are: mistakes, bad calls, screw ups, etc. Oedipus let his belief and fear of Apollo?s prophecy; that he would kill his father marry his mother, control his actions on more than one occasion. Oedipus? Final Follies Brings a Trio of A.R. Gurney One-Acts to Primary Stages in Apollo?s prophecy was strong enough to bring him to Thebes and keep him there after the first half of the prophecy had supposedly proven false. First, thinking of his parents, he leaves his comfortable place in Corinth, thinking to spare them. His leaving Corinth out of fear of the prophecy puts him first at the scene of a murder, then in Thebes where he becomes very Automated single cell isolation from suspension with computer vision and marries their recently widowed queen. Then when he hears of his fathers death, which discredits the first half of the prophecy, he says, ?I must still fear- and who would not?- A marriage with their mother.?(pg. 67) His fear is still strong enough to cause him to stay in Thebes where he is guilty of the very acts that inspire his fears. Oedipus? fear of the .

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