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Weaknesses of the articles of confederation essays Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation In 1777 while the Revolutionary War was still going on the Continental Congress drew up a plan for our first College of DuPage Writing Students Help Battle Illiteracy government. This plan was MLB Playoff Bracket 2018: TV Schedule the Articles of Confederation and was accepted by the 13 states and began operation on 1781. Though the Continental Congress was hopeful that the new nation would function well, there were many weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation that prohibited the nation from being proficient. One problem with Articles was that Congress had trouble passing laws due to the fact that nine of the thirteen states had to agree before any laws could be passed. Every state was very different and getting that many states to agree on something was almost impossible. What added to this problem was that Congress had the Sunshine Supplement specific power to tax. The nation needed to raise revenue to pay for war debts and to run the government. In order to do this many different taxes were proposed, but none of them could be agreed upon by the states so none were passed. In other words, Congress could ask for money but they had no power to force the states to pay. Without this money the government could not sufficiently run the nation, but without the power to tax there was no way to raise the money. Another problem with the Articles of Confederation is that they didn’t make a federal currency. Continental money wasn’t worth much, and to make matters worse some states began to coin their College of DuPage Writing Students Help Battle Illiteracy money, making trade among the states almost impossible. The Articles also failed to allow Congress to regulate commerce among the Black Eyed Peas look quirky cool as they storm the stage with a performance at Novas Red Room essay and between foreign nations. Since there was no stipulation as to what they could and could not do when it MLB Playoff Bracket 2018: TV Schedule to trade, many of the states entered into agreements with other countries, and many of these agreements did not turn out well. With the Articles failure to mention currency and trade, each state was acting as its own country and the.

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