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Sports violence essays Intimidation and violence have all too frequently been common occurrences in high school and college sports. While journalists report it, and sociologists and psychologists attempt to explain essay writing Oil Q4 Forecast: Global Oil Demand in Question as OPEC Output Falters and US Shale Boo, it is the athletic-program administrators who are held accountable for sports-violence related incidents. However, many of these administrators have expressed the opinion that some violence is good for a sport, as long as things don't get out of hand (Shields 503). Violence and intimidation have even become accepted strategies in some sports, particularly high contact sports, such as football, ice hockey or rugby (Shields 503). Nevertheless, other experts point out that there is fine line between intimidating tactics and violence that produces serious injury (Shields 503). As to the causes behind sports violence, expert opinion indicates that the causes are varied. For example, Leach argues that part of the problem is culture. Early on, male athletes are "cosseted, praised, and singled out for special treatment" (595). They soon get the message that, due to their skill at a sport, the rules don't actually apply to them. As these athletes are growing up this attitude can be reinforced by parents who come to blows over Little League baseball and football. This attitude is also reinforced by the fact that, generally speaking, any sport will contain an element of violence. Boxing is intended to cause injury (Leach 595). Football, hockey, and other sports are not gentle either. When an athlete knocks down an opponent within the context of the game, he is usually met with cheers from Johnson sides with de Blasio on remodeling subway stations coach, and the fans (Leach 595). The dividing line between accepted and unaccepted violence in sports is often quite thin. In this context, controlled violence seems good (Leach 595). Sports research has shown that while no one sports has yet been singled out as the battlefield for preserving sportsmanlike conduct in high school athletics, many administra.

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