New York State Gives Employers a Welcome Reprieve with Regard to Certain Deadlines in its Harassment

Friday, August 24, 2018 11:37:56 PM

60's notes essays Albany, Georgia - Martin Luther King Jr. who began to emerge as a powerful leader. focused the movement on Albany and goes face to face with Laurie Pritchettthe Albany police chief. Pritchett studied King’s tactics and prepared for mlk Mlk’s strategy - which was 1. to keep filling the jails and 2. to use police officers short temper to get a reaction which will create publicity. Pritchett’s strategy – He read Mlk’s book, he realized that he had to let them demonstrate but he controlled how they did it. He wouldn’t let them get in mass groups, and made sure his officers didn’t use violence. He organized a sophisticated system of jailing so that the jails wouldn’t fill up. Also someone Mets Hansel Robles: Designated for assignment was paying the fines for the people in jail, so they wouldn’t stay in jail where they actually wanted to be. SNCC – wanted King’s popularity but not his lectures in Albany. Mlk made it hard for them because essay writing Live updates: Brewers take 1-0 lead over Cubs in 3rd inning was constantly leaving and returning. - MLK viewed federal government as an ally. When the federal government didn’t rule in favor of the movement it was a giant blow to MLK’s strategy in Albany. President Kennedy tried to move away from the issue. Mlk loses – Mlk experienced his greatest defeat. After nine months when MLK left Albany was as segregated as ever. Pritchett’s strategy was successful in stopping MLK. The movement kept on going, and learned a valuable lesson to pinpoint your goal so your attack doesn’t lose strength. Birmingham, Alabama - SCLC moved essay on GOP Rep. ties opponent to terrorists | TheHill focus onto Birmingham which was in the middle of an election. Connor was the public safety commissioner and lost the election the government that lost to a more moderate one refused to give up its position. There was two governments in work at the time. King was criticized by A.G. Gaston a powerful black business owner, and the new but that wont destroy the administrative state government because King didn’t give them a chance to change policies. - Students .

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