Cosmos Offers Clues to the Fate of Humans on Earth

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 5:30:01 AM

Changes in society, female offenders essays While the vast majority of America’s prison population is male, there are more than 25,000 female offenders currently enrolled in correctional facilities throughout the nation. In recent years there has been an unprecedented growth in Cosmos Offers Clues to the Fate of Humans on Earth number of females being arrested and convicted of crimes. In addition to the numbers increasing the violent crimes are also increasing among the female offender populations in America(Williams, 1998). There are several factors that may be responsible for this increase in the number of female offenders. The women’s movement of the past few decades has thrust females into the work force in record numbers. Females hold more positions of power than ever before. Access to company funds, decision making and retirement options are at their disposal whereas before, females were forced to work as secretaries and teachers while men held the positions of power. This increased access to company ledgers has played a part in the increase of female white collar offenders who have the ability to commit crimes now. Another recent trend in the female offender population is the sentencing they receive. Historically the judicial system went easier on female offenders because of the mindset that they had to get home to their children and husbands. With the advent of the women’s movement and the equality that it brought, coupled with the public demand for stronger sentences across the board for criminals, female offenders are getting longer sentences than ever before. It is not unusual today, for a female convicted of a serious felony to receive many decades or life in prison for that conviction. There have also been changes in the trends of female Cosmos Offers Clues to the Fate of Humans on Earth when Pro Essay for Dummies В» comes to drug related crimes. “The dramatic increase in youthful offenders in the prison population is driven largely by mandatory minimum sentences for drug law violators. The younger females in prison for drug-related offenses often wer.

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