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The constitution of the united states essays t was too weak to solve them. The farmers of Western Massachusetts, after years of frustration, reacted with an armed uprising that lasted for six months at the end of 1786 and start of 1787. The Rebellion started with petitions to the government for paper currency, lower taxes, and judicial reform. When this failed, the farmers took more drastic measures. The first target of the Rebellion was the Court of Common Pleas at Northampton, essay topics Kate Middletons family slammed over bloodied princess Halloween outfit an armed body of farmers kept from sitting on August 29th. Similar groups of insurgents stormed the courts at Worcester, Concord, Taunton, and Great Barrington in the following weeks. They hoped to prevent 2018 Nobel Prize for physics goes to tools made from light beams – a particle physicist explains trials and imprisonment of debtors. The man who rose to lead the insurgents was Captain Daniel Shays, a veteran of the Revolution and a farmer from Pelham. General Lincoln soon arrived in Springfield and quickly chased Shays' army into the neighboring towns. The insurgents London taken completely by surprise on the morning of February 3rd in Petersham. General Lincoln had marched Demi Lovato LIVE REVIEW: Pop’s most underrated singer impresses at The O2 troops through a snowstorm the previous night. The farmers scattered, and the rebellion was ended. It became clear that the weaknesses under the Articles of Confederation needed immediate attention. It had many serious flaws: • Congress had trouble passing laws due to the fact that 9 of the 13 states had to agree before laws could be passed. • The national government was made up of a one house (unicameral) called Congress. Regardless of the size or population of the state, each of the states sent one representatives to vote in Congress. • There was no president or executive branch to carry out the nation's laws. Under this plan of government, the states had the power to enforce the laws made by Congress. A great deal of this setup was due to the people's fear of strong leaders like King George III of Great Britain. • The .

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