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Are fraternities bad???? essays Are fraternities bad? This has probably been the most frequently asked question in the history of schooling. In my opinion a fraternity is like a club. The only reason why fraternities have been deemed a menace, is because of the misconception of some low class people that live in the slums. They think that a fraternity or gang is war clan. Therefore when they see a member of a rival gang they automatically instill hate on him/her regardless of who they are. The American college fraternity system is as old as the United States itself, for it was in 1776 that the first secret Greek-letter society came into existence. It was the custom then for students at William and Mary, the second oldest college in America, to gather in the Apollo Room of the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia, to discuss the affairs of the day. On the night of December 5, 1776, five close companions stayed after the others had left and founded Phi Beta Kappa. A secret motto, grip, and ritual were subsequently adopted. The Fraternity had to be secret because the William by John Boyne: Hitler’s right-hand boy Mary faculty didn’t approve of its students discussing social issues and possibly straying too far from accepted beliefs. Therefore, Reese Witherspoon confirms Legally Blonde 3 in true Elle Woods style members developed secret signals of challenge and recognition. The concept of a secret grip, motto, ritual, a distinctive badge, code of laws and the use of Greek letters by Phi Beta Kappa were adopted by subsequent fraternities. Fraternity, Morality, and Literature were the The Boy at the Top of the Mountain symbolized by the stars on the silver medal adopted as the insignia of Phi Beta Kappa membership. Fraternities were originally formed for social purposes only. If only the fraternity founders of old would know how the fraternity is being used and branded by the society of today, im sure this would put them to shame. The fraternity, as defined by the above paragraph, is a group that discusses moral, social and possibly economic matters. They hid it from the faculty, beca.

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