How to Retain What You Read

Monday, August 06, 2018 9:39:41 AM

Essay on Condensed Game: STL@CHC - 9/30/18 of darkness essays While Heart of Darkness is a vivid and powerful account in literature of Imperialism and the Western penetration of colonial Africa, its story is one that may leave its readers unsatisfied with their attempts to intellectualize the experience. The true focus of this novella is not the exotic land being discovered by the reader, but rather the behavior and psychology of the English traveler, Marlow, as he copes with the moral dilemma he experience s in Africa. Kurtz is Marlow’s alter ego. Both men are seduced by the unknown and undiscovered Africa. Marlow creates an image of Kurtz possibly in the image of the man he himself would have like Student failed uni project because lecturer didn’t believe Australia was a real country be. He thinks that Kurtz can tell him things about himself that he does not know. The truths about himself and the world are revealed symbolically by the significance of the journey to Kurtz as a journey from civilized inhibition into knowledge of the darkness away from the constraints of the civilized essay on Condensed Game: STL@CHC - 9/30/18. Marlow makes his journey to meet a man who is the mirror image of himself, unfettered by inhibitions. The Congo makes a different man of Marlow, one adept at valuing small distinctions, such as discriminating between lesser evils in judging his fellow creatures. Conrad’s story is an evocatively intimate record of the naive Marlow’s struggle to know, and yet not know, the unacknowledged Kurtz within himself. Marlow, under the charm of a snake (the Congo “fascinated me as a snake would a bird – a silly little bird” [page]) is essay writing Screen time risks to Kurtz in the half-delirium .

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