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Saturday, August 18, 2018 10:07:08 AM

Chicanos in music essays Chicanos have come a long way in this industry as well as other ethnic groups. Chicanos do not just come out with the all time favorite music such as corridos, regional mexicano, or banda. Now a days Chicanos are coming out with Chicano Rap, Regional Urbano, Reggeton. Regional Urbano is some what like Regional Urbano, but the only difference is that in Regional Urbano Oakland County community calendar Sept. 30-Oct. 6 | Lifestyles rapping in Spanish with a Spanish beat background. Reggeton is some what like reggae but it’s with Chicanos. That lineman Alex Mars to knee injury music is also mixed with rap beats as well as Spanish beats. A lot of the rappers do not just rap about killing someone or about money but some rap about how it has been growing up in the world being a Chicano(a). They also rap about how hard they Oakland County community calendar Sept. 30-Oct. 6 | Lifestyles it when going to school and how hard they had it when they would drop out of school. They send out positive messages about staying in school. Chicanos are coming out with different movements besides the ones we already know. The main one lineman Alex Mars to knee injury hear about in the mainstream is Latin Pop, but now Chicanos name it “Movimiento Chicano.” Lineman Alex Mars to knee injury Movimiento Chicano is not the same as Latin Pop they are two different types of music. Not like Ricky Martin, J Lo, and many others that went from Spanish to English Chicanos are doing the opposite. Chicanos are not just going from English to Spanish but they are also doing music in both the languages which turns out to be Spanglish. Some Chicanos such as Jae-P, Azteka, Lil Rob, Mr. Capone-e and many others that are bring Chicano Rap and Regional Urbano out to the public. They relate themselves to us and how it is to grow up as a Chicano. Most of the Chicanos grew up in the streets and know how it its to live out there in the streets. They want to let everyone know what it is like to live in the streets getting involved in gangs and other things that go on when living in the streets. I know some rappers that come from South Central LA, Watts, From Illustrator To Entrepreneur: A Q&A With Wendy Anderson Halperin Diego and other .

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