Race 3 box-office collection Day 5: Salman Khans film continues to impress

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 4:30:14 AM

Happiness in marriage essays Happiness in Marriage Marriage is an agreement that individuals make, which includes staying together for better or worst. However, this is not always the case. This is true for two short stories “Shiloh” and “The Retreat” where two couples find their commitment in unstable grounds. In both short stories, the married couples have lack of communication, the wives are unhappy, and the husbands are terrified with the outcome of the situations. First, a married couple should always communicate with each other. They should sit and talk to each other and share their feelings. In “Shiloh” Norma Jean adapted to not having Leroy around, so she did not converse with him very much. This couple never talked about their lost child. As a couple they never discussed about having another child. Norma Jean is hurt deep inside that she does not have a child anymore. Leroy and Norma Jean failed as a married couple to communicate. Instead of talking to his wife about their lost child, Leroy spoke to hitchhikers about his 11-Plus Math paper threw some curveballs. Obviously he wanted to talk about it, but was unable to approach Norma Jean about that subject. In “The Retreat” Shelby became obsessed with his work, that he didn’t make time to do some bonding with his wife. What attracted Georgeann to Shelby was his thuggish ways. Now that he is a preacher, it has been hard for Georgeann to have fun with her husband. In the story, Shelby is more concerned with attending the retreat, which he has some clues his wife does not want to attend. One would expect for Shelby as a preacher to be a family oriented man, that lack of communication would be the least of his problem. Second, both Norma Jean and Georgeann are unhappy with their marriage. Norma Jean Race 3 box-office collection Day 5: Salman Khans film continues to impress some emptiness inside her. She lost her only child and didn’t spend time with her husband. Norma Jean was lonely. In order for Norma Jean to keep her mind off of her problems she started doing some activities to keep her.

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