Wild monkeys attack residents in Bekasi - City

Saturday, August 25, 2018 12:56:45 AM

Process paper essays Funnel Cakes Delight One of the most enjoyable things about the carnival is funnel cake. The children look forward to rides, while I look forward to eating as many of these as I can before we leave. However, it is never enough to hold my daughter (Amber) and I until the next carnival! “Mom,” my daughter says, “The carnival will be here next week. I would really like to go.” “Of course we will go, honey, I really want a funnel cake!” I replied. We Wild monkeys attack residents in Bekasi - City the first night of the carnival. Immediately after going through the gates we hurried to the roller coaster. It is our favorite ride at any carnival. We rode several more following that one. After 2 hours of waiting in lines and riding rides, I was essay examples Bayern Munich right-back Joshua Kimmich praised by Matthias Sammer hungry. “Amber, Lets go get something to eat.” “OK, mom,” she replied, “Can we please get some funnel cake?” “You bet. Sounds better to me than cotton candy!” We walked around the park until we found a booth that makes them. “Can I have one funnel cake with sugar and strawberries on top, please?” Amber asked. “Mmm, sounds good except for the strawberries,” I replied. “I guess we will have two.” We found a table to sit and eat. While eating, we discussed how nice it would be not to wait for a carnival to have funnel cakes. Laughing, Amber suggests I learn how to make them Memory and Place: A Conversation with Saikat Majumdar home. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “Mom,” she replied playfully, “I know you could try, but really, you can’t cook!” “Well,” I said, “Sounds like a challenge to me!” I started looking for recipes to make funnel cakes. There were so many to choose from. I guess you could call this my trial and error period! It was definitely a challenge; however, I found a recipe that even I could follow. “Mom,” my sweet Amber says, “This is a really good funnel cake!” If you would like to make a funnel cake from your home without waiting on a carnival, all you need are the fol.

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