My friend and I are buying a house – but Im paying the whole deposit

Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:06:06 PM

An ideal husband - a report essays The play ‘An Ideal Husband’ was written by Oscar Essay writing No practice for Randall Cobb in 1895. He grew up in Dublin, Ireland. An Ideal Husband is a political comedy about an evil scheming woman (Mrs Chevely) trying to blackmail an upright English gentleman (Sir Robert Chiltern) with an act of folly he once did in his youth. The two main characters are Mrs Chevely and Robert Chiltern, Mrs Chevely being the central character that the whole play is about. She is a Global Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks Market: Assessment Covering Growth Factors and Upcoming T evil woman with only one thing on her mind, money. Everything she does is deceiving and infamous. She says she has loved but that is not believed. Robert Chiltern is as honourable as can be with a beautiful unstained wife. He is greatly liked by everyone and thought very highly of. Lord Goring who undoubtedly has the most lines in the play, also plays a large part. He contributes largely to the humour, he being Mrs Chevely’s love interest but himself is in love with Mabel Chiltern. Everyone likes him and he is always there to help someone if help is needed, but he tries to be rather stupid, or make himself seem not too bright. His father disapproves of this greatly. Mrs Chevely at first is on the tip of everyone’s lips, such a beautiful confident looking woman; she creates an atmosphere as soon as she enters a room. This atmosphere stays throughout. At first everyone seems to like her and is interested in Is Accused Of Plagiarism but at the end of Scene 1 she has already shown her real self. The rest of the characters stay more or less the same throughout the play. Throughout the play Mrs Chevely is creating conflicts, between herself and other people or just creating problems for other people, Robert and Gertrude Chiltern have one large conflict where they both think their marriage is at an end. There is also a conflict between Lord Goring and his father. His father desperately wants him to get married, as being a bachelor is not ‘considered too fashionable these days.’ Mrs Chevely and Lady Chiltern.

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