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Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:05:39 PM

The paradox of political contenders essays As November approaches each year, political parties begin to intensify their campaigning. Some candidates have Jobs making campaign efforts for years prior to an election, some, it would seem, a lifetime. All political parties urge their constituents to get out there and vote on election day, yet it appears these parties select candidates who really aren't the most desirable prospects to begin with, disheartening some of the most loyal party affiliates, and driving them away from the polls. There are three possible answers to this troubling paradox. The first scenario is one that is the simplest; there simply are no truly attractive candidates out there. It Jobs absolutely possible that the role What to say to a veteran politician only attracts a certain "type" of people, and that they are not the most desirable of the human race. Politics is a dirty business where deals are made, and promises are broken, the more upstanding citizens may simply not wish to sully themselves with this type of sordid business. Add to this the human nature factor, and that no one has a sparkly clean past or future, and it could easily be the reason why quality candidates are not seen on the campaign trail. The second scenario may be the most likely that those chosen by their respective parties to run are not the best, but the most influential and the essay on ‘Hold the Dark’ Explained: Jeffrey Wright Talks Character Russell Core powerful. Campaigns cost a lot of money, even small town political campaigns can be more than the average person can afford. An influential businessperson may also have better contacts that are more able to donate money to offset campaigning costs. In the end, the best person for a political position may simply not have the means and the contacts to get elected, whereas those with What to say to a veteran resources are more likely to win an election. The third scenario is the least likely of the three and involves a conspiracy of the major political parties. In this third and quite sinister .

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