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Othello and race essays Othello essay on Coaches Poll: Texas A&M moves closer to Top 25 written in the 1600’s and the main character is one of Shakespeare’s most intriguing and tragic heroes. He set it in the Italian State if Venice. Othello was written for the 17th century audience, however many of its themes are timeless, which is why several adaptations have been made. The themes integrated in the play include love, revenge, jealously and race. The theme this essay is going to concentrate on mainly is the theme of race and how it essay topics You can borrow the Internet with your library card presented in different interpretations. Shakespeare did not intend it to be the central theme, however, as time has progressed it has become a principle subject – mainly because of the modern day context in which the interpretations have been written. Venice during the 1600’s was a very cosmopolitan city and racism wasn’t a significant issue. In spite of this, in Elizabethan times there was a widespread belief in the legend that blacks were descendants of Ham in the Genesis story, punished for sexual excess by their blackness. Sexual potency was therefore one of the attributes of the prototype black. Other qualities associated with black people were courage and pride – qualities that Shakespeare has written in the character Othello. We also know that Queen Elizabeth was unhappy about the increasing number of blacks coming into her country, “she signed a proclamation to deport some eighty nine Negroes and Black-amoors”. However, it is difficult to assess the reaction and attitudes of people in the 17th century as there were relatively few blacks living amongst them. Othello’s race is obviously a source of tension in the play. While he is accepted as a highly valued soldier, there is a sense that if he ever tried to join in completely essay topics You can borrow the Internet with your library card the culture of Venice he will find hostility because of the colour of his skin. For that reason, we as readers often assume that Shakespeare presented Othello as a black person to put across the theme o.

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