U.S. cities and suburbs are losing 36 million trees each year, study finds

Monday, August 13, 2018 1:48:05 AM

Gone dancin' essays Gone Dancin’ In Molly Ivins’ book, “You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You,” she covers a broad range of political and social topics during Bill Clinton’s presidency, doing so in her typical acerbic, satirical style. Ivins, a Texas native and writer for the Fort Worth Star-Tribune, claims to already be slightly different than most Texans in that she is a liberal. Throughout the course of this book, however, she makes it evident she is not blindly liberal, she sees things for what they are worth and takes much of what goes on with a grain of salt, such as the natives of Berkeley, California. Topics covered in her book are welfare and campaign finance reform, the GOP takeover of the House of Representatives, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and several other right-wing conservatives whom she confronts, and trounces the theory of the stereotypical liberal. While Ivins naturally contains a liberal bias in her writing, she does a good job of not completely misconstruing evidence. Study finds other points are addressed, her main points include welfare and campaign-finance reform. Ivins’ book is divided into several headings, each containing articles she has written concerning the given subject, the primary three being Conscience of a Liberal, We the People, and Notes from the Revolution. In the first, Conscience of a Liberal, Ivins discusses many of her views as a liberal. She encompasses several main topics like campaign finance reform and welfare. She, being liberal, already opposes the current system of campaign financing, which she believes is corrupted by the clout big businesses have over statesman. “Almost two thirds of the money that puts people into federal office today comes from corporations. They effectively elect our government-certainly more effectively study finds we do. And as a consequence, the corporations now have more power than the people of this country (Ivins 32).” She believes big businesses ar.

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